Rich, founder of The Raw Foods Company has always had a passion for food and nutrition and is a firm believer in the value of a healthy diet for body, mind and spirit. It’s not always been easy and he has had his fair share of physical and emotional challenges. In the last few years, he has been bringing more raw foods and superfoods into his diet and has certainly experienced massive benefits to his health since following this path. “My energy levels have dramatically improved, I feel more focused and balanced, my skin feels radiant, I don’t suffer from any digestive problems and can’t remember when I last got sick. By focusing on a path of improving my nutrition, wonderful synchronicities have enriched my life to help me fulfill my dreams. All of this has come from being in my heart and I feel very grateful for every blessing.”

Rich believes in sourcing the highest quality raw foods and superfoods and uses these foods to create healthy and delicious raw savoury and sweet dishes in a heart-centred and intuitive way. He feels that everyone should have the opportunity to access the best resources for optimum health and is dedicated and passionate about making this vision a reality.

Keenly aware of the poor eating habits that predominate in our society and the increased incidence of illness and disease, Rich believes much of this is the result of poor nutritional education and food choices. He is committed to educating and inspiring as many people as he can about the value of removing harmful foods from the diet and replacing them with healthful ones, thereby breaking this cycle and restoring people to harmony and wellbeing.

Rich supports people both in a group setting and individually and has helped people of all ages and varying degrees of health condition. He runs raw foods workshops, which provide people with the techniques, resources and recipes necessary to start making raw food dishes in a simple and healthful way. On a one to one level, he offers personal coaching about optimal nutrition, dietary advice and raw food making techniques. Both in a group or one to one setting the overall aim is to educate people about their food choices and encourage them to make positive changes in their diet, resulting in physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. He also loves to incorporate an element of fun and interactivity into his sessions. For example so much love and positive energy goes into making raw chocolate, with divine and blissful results! Having said that, raw chocolate is definitely an indulgence and not something he pigs out on all day!

Rich also offers bespoke raw catering for both small and large events. He has recently been providing catering services for the Alchemy Yoga Centre in the Stables Market in Camden. You can now find Rich working as the raw food chef in Down to Earth, vegetarian restaurant based in High Street Kensington.


Rich Havardi – Founder, The Raw Foods Company
M: 07765 865 623
E: rich@therawfoodscompany.com

DISCLAIMER: I have a passion for raw food and healthy eating, however not being a qualified nutritionist, I would advise that you do not take my comments as nutritional or medical advice. I am writing from my own experience and suggest that if you do have any health related issues or queries, you should consult a medical professional or qualified nutritionist.