Creating a raw food kitchen (part one)

It is important when transitioning into a raw food lifestyle to ensure that you have the correct resources and equipment in place to ensure that you can make the food that you desire quickly, easily and with minimum hassle. In this post, I talk about 2 pieces of equipment very popular with raw foodies, the blender and the food processor and their benefits and uses. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contribute and share your thoughts!


A good quality blender is a really essential piece of equipment when it comes to raw food making and raw desserts. It is perfect for making smoothies, sauces, soups and dips and if it is powerful enough can be great for making raw desserts too. I would recommend, if you are willing to make the investment, purchasing a Vitamix blender – one of the great pieces of modern day technology! It is so powerful and will pulverize pretty much anything, from cacao beans to frozen fruit chunks in a matter of seconds! It is fantastic, as it will break down the foods so that they are much easier to assimilate and digest.

With the Vitamix, you can achieve most of the functions of a food processor as well as a blender, being able to achieve both chunky and ultra smooth textures. It also comes with a 7-year warranty. Just so you know, I don’t sell them! I also find the Vitamix great for desserts. It is fantastic for making smooth and creamy fillings and toppings is a particularly good one to do it here, because as good as a high quality food processor is, it can often leave a grainy consistency.

It is fine if you are not willing to invest in a Vitamix and there are many other blenders that are perfectly good for create raw food.

Other good blenders if you don’t want to spend as much include:

• The Kitchenaid blender range
• Cuisinart blenders

Food processor:

Food processors are obviously very useful kitchen appliances when it comes to chopping just about any food. I find a food processor extremely useful in raw food and dessert making as well. You don’t always want your food cut too small, and the food processor is perfect for making batters, cracker and raw bread mixtures, chunky dips and sauces such as salsa and pesto and also for making cake crusts and energy bars. When you add the crust ingredients, usually nuts, dates, sweeteners, coconut oil etc. you will achieve that crumbly biscuit consistency which is perfect for the crust.


My recommendation on a food processor would be a Magimix, again a bit of an investment, but extremely high quality, very robust and guaranteed for 5 years. You could spend less and there are an abundance of food processors out there, but if you are using one often, it may not last that long if the quality is not great. If you feel that you will be using the machine a lot, it is probably worth going for a higher quality machine.

When shopping for a food processor, consider power, portability and functionality. They vary in size from a miniature two-cup chopper to a 20-cup professional model for bulk cooking and preparation. Buy a food processor which matches your particular needs. Most home cooks could use a medium-size food processor (approximately 8-10 cup capacity) for family recipes.

Other good food processors include:

• The Kenwood Range
• Kitchen Aid Processors

When choosing either a blender or a food processor, it is important to do your research and read reviews so as to gauge what is suitable for your needs. It may be the case that you feel it unnecessary to buy both a blender and a food processor, deciding that one of the two is enough for you needs.

In an upcoming post, I will continue to discuss what equipment is necessary to start a raw food kitchen including a dehydrator, juicer and other essentials. Don’t forget you can sign up to my newsletter where i’ll be sharing more raw food education, tips and recipes. Sign up here. Become a fan on Facebook and receive a FREE raw food recipe ebook. Click here.


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