World Raw Food Series – Italian Themed!

Last Friday 21st September, in partnership with wonderful raw food chef Irene Arango, founder of Bliss Bites and Detox, we ran the first in series of classes focusing on different cuisines from around the world. Entitled ‘World Raw Food Series’. These workshops are designed to teach skills, tips, techniques and recipes so that people can go away and create tasty dishes successfully and with minimum effort and maximum benefit to health and vitality. This workshop included a 2 hour demonstration followed by a sit down dinner and was based around the ever popular Italian cuisine in an intimate little café in Queens Park.

We started off with an introduction and refreshments. We also served some tasty carrot and buckwheat bruschettas topped with tangy tomato salsa and pesto, which didn’t last very long and certainly tickled the tastebuds of our guests!

Irene and myself then gave  a brief introduction about our journeys into raw food and the numerous health benefits it has offered us. We have both noticed a profoundly positive change to our energy levels, vitality and overall  physical and emotional wellbeing since bringing more living plant based foods into our diet. We do not advocate a strict 100% raw diet, but rather encourage people to increase the amount of raw foods they are eating, to a balance that suits them.

Following the introduction we proceeded to make a number of dishes, with excellent and enthusiastic participation from our guests. I demonstrated how to make the raw vegan lasagne, probably our most popular dish at the organic café I work at and absolutely bursting with flavour. It consists of four layers; a portobello mushroom and sundried tomato ‘meat layer’, tomato sauce, yellow pepper and cashew cheese and pesto, deliciously sandwiched between marinated courgette strips.

Irene, a true expert in creating delicious raw desserts, demonstrated how to make a raw tiramisu, surely a one of the most highly prized sweet Italian exports!

First she made the cookie base, which contained ground almonds, dates and cold pressed coffee. The next layer was a decadent layer of raw chocolate and the final layer was a rich coconut cream, a beautiful blend of fresh coconut milk, coconut oil and cashews. All the layers came together to produce a cake that tasted out of this world!

The other dishes we made were the ever enjoyable and versatile courgette pasta in a pomodoro sauce and sweet beetroot ravioli filled with herbed cashew cheese, drizzled in herb and garlic oil. The food was enjoyed and the company was truly wonderful. Irene and myself really enjoyed the evening and now look forward to the next instalment in the World Raw Food Series which will focus on Japanese cuisine.

Thank you to Eva Mauleon-Mackenzie, a Nutrition Consultant ( for her lovely testimonial!

Dear Irene and Rich,

Thank you very much for a great demonstration and amazing meal. Your raw food was out of this world, it was very inspiring and educational. I wish you all the best with your business model which I believe is a great concept. Thank you for sharing all the tips with us, I will be preparing some raw sauces in my kitchen soon and hopefully will be able to inspire my clients as well, helping them achieve better health.

For those of you who couldn’t make the last workshop i’ve created a collection of raw food recipes here as a gift! For more information about us and to keep you posted about all upcoming events please visit my Facebook Page.

Rich Havardi – The Raw Foods Company:

Irene Arango – Bliss Bites & Detox


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